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Homeprod Management with Docker Compose

Recently I decided to change how I manage my homeprod environment (home production, i.e. the things that other people in my household rely on and tell me if they're down). I moved everything over to docker-compose stacks managed with a small(ish) shell script. Skip down a bit if you don't want backstory.

Z-Wave Controllers using Dell Wyse Thin Clients

About two years ago my family and I moved into our (hopefully) forever home. This house has an unfortunately large number of exterior doors and is situated on a main road, so we wanted to make sure that most of the doors are locked without having to patrol the doors before bedtime every night.

To that end, I put z-wave locks on every door and built out a z-wave network so they could be reached from my Home Assistant instance that shows their status on a nice tidy dashboard.

Tiller, Ledger, and Sorbet

Tiller + Ledger

Thirteen years ago I started tracking my finances using a tool named Ledger. Up until 2018 I hand-entered every penny into my ledger files, which absolutely had value but eventually I decided that I wanted to automate things as much as I could.

I happened upon Tiller which scrapes bank accounts and puts the data into a Google spreadsheet. Importantly, Tiller adds a unique ID to every transaction it sees, which means if I want to automate something I don't have to try to implement deduplication.

Back in 2018 the script I used was rough, but I've polished it over the years and, just the other day, published the guts as LedgerTillerExport.