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One Thousand Days

Today in my calendar there's a little entry that just says "1000 days."

One thousand days ago I received my first infusion of life saving deadly poison.

Between that day and today, I received twenty infusions of poison and then the best news: I was cancer free.

I also lost a parent. Wrote a book. Got married to a beautiful, amazing, tolerant, hilarious woman.

I lost another parent. Moved across the country. Bought a house.

I got married again, to that same beautiful, amazing, tolerant, hilarious woman. We honeymooned in Niagara Falls.

I quit my job. Made myself another one. Lost a pet. Wrote another book.

What's the common thread?

I'm still here.

And that's something to celebrate.


"Thank you for calling the Bergs and the Keens. We're not home right now...". Mom hasn't changed the outgoing voicemail message yet. John's voice is still there, encouraging anyone who wants to leave a message. It's the last vestiage of him, other than what we hold in our memories. The last bit of him that's still real, and even that's just an echo that will fade with time.