Introducing FivePad

For over two years I've been ruminating on an idea for a webapp that would help people coordinate apartment searches amongst roommates. Finding a place is pretty tough, and finding the right place for you and one or more other people is even harder. Emails, phone calls, spreadsheets, links, bookmarks. It's a mess. So, I built FivePad. More details after the fold.

You can add places by simply pasting in a Craigslist URL or typing in the street address, and FivePad takes care of building a page that shows you where it is in the city and the street view of the address. You can add notes to your places, too. If you're searching with roommates you can add invite them and they'll get emails whenever you add stuff, and you'll get emails when they add stuff.

If the place you're looking at has an email address, you can send a note to that address with one click. When they respond their email will get attached to the right place.

The basic product is there but I have a list of features a mile long that I want to add. Expect more postings here as I add stuff :)

It's free to try, so give it a run and let me know what you think.

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