ProcLaunch Improvements and v1.1

ProcLaunch has learned a bunch of new things lately. I've fixed a few bugs and implemented a few new features, including:

  • A --log-level option, so you can set a level other than DEBUG
  • Kill profiles that don't exist
  • Instead of killing the process and restarting, proclaunch can send it a signal using the reload file
  • Instead of always sending SIGTERM, the stop_signal file can contain the name of a signal to send when proclaunch wants to stop a profile
  • Pid files are properly cleaned up after processes that don't do it themselves
  • You won't get two copies of proclaunch if one is already running as root

Get version 1.1 from github! Thanks a bunch to Matt, who hunted down the bugs and helped me figure out the features.

(Also, I added highlight.js syntax highlighting. Hope you like it!)

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