On-the-fly Markdown Conversion to PDF and Docx

Today I added PDF, Docx, and Markdown download links to the bottom of every post here on Bugsplat. Scroll down to the bottom to see them, the scroll back up here to read how it works.

For the past few weeks I've been working on a product named Docverter, which does on-the-fly plain text to rich text formatting in a variety of formats with a simple HTTP API. I write entries on this blog in Markdown, which makes it a natural candidate for these types of conversions. Simplified, the code boils down to this:

Docverter.api_key = "<API-KEY>"

result = Docverter::Conversion.run do |c|
  c.from     = 'markdown'
  c.to       = 'pdf'
  c.content  = 'page content'
  c.template = 'template_filename.html'

  c.add_other_file 'template_filename.html'

result is the string of the converted PDF or Docx from Docverter. template_filename.html is a simple HTML template that Docverter plugs the HTML that results from the Markdown into before sending it to the HTML to PDF converter. The Docx conversion code is very similar but uses a different template and to format. All of the options are documented in the API docs, but that's basically all you need to get started converting Markdown to PDF.

Just for kicks I added the Markdown download so it's easy to see what exactly bugsplat uses as input. The icon comes from the Markdown-mark project.

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