Dokuen 0.0.8, Now with Linux Support

When I released Dokuen last week I had no idea it would get as much press as it did. I'm excited that so many people want to give it a shot. To that end, v0.0.6 v0.0.7 v0.0.8 has rudimentary Ubuntu support, along with revised Mac support. See below for the changes.

Here's the list of changes:

Process Management

The first version of Dokuen used a LaunchDaemon to start up an instance of foreman for each application. This was fine but didn't scale very far. This new version manages processes itself, using foreman more as a library. Each process becomes it's own daemon, launched by dokuen boot, dokuen scale, or dokuen deploy.

Port Management

Dokuen will now manage your app's ports for you, so you don't have to worry about it. If you're not using a wildcard CNAME you'll need to put entries in your hosts file for each app.

Revised Mac Install

Because there's no need for a custom LaunchDaemon per app, just one global one that launches off all of the application daemons.

Linux Support

I've included a rudimentary ubuntu upstart script. All it does is run dokuen boot, just like on Mac. If you're not using ubuntu, feel free to write up an init script and submit a pull request on github.

Questions? Comments? Email me. I'm also loitering in #dokuen on freenode if you feel like chatting.

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