Stripe Audit

You invested a lot of time and energy into your Stripe integration. It's operation is critical to your business. As a small business, you need confidence that it's going to work, and that it's going to continue to generate revenue for you for years to come.

A checkup for the most important part of your business

Stripe Audit is a code, architecture, and security review serivce. When you purchase Audit you'll receive an in-depth architecture analysis of your Stripe implementation as well as a thorough code review. You'll also receive a report listing XSS, SQL injection, and any other vulnerabilities that your application may contain.

Who this is for

Stripe Audit is not for every business, but you might want be a good candidate if:

  • You're a small to mid-sized business that uses Stripe and Rails
  • Your application is bringing in revenue or about to launch
  • You want the extra confidence that a third party code review gives you

What you get

  • One hour of one-on-one implementation guidance
  • Analysis of your Stripe architecture
  • A thorough code review of your Stripe integration
  • A security scan of your code base, looking for vulnerabilities that could compromise your business
  • Suggestions for fixing any errors and improving your integration

Who are you?

I'm Pete Keen, a software developer and Stripe enthusiast from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I literally wrote the book about integrating Stripe with Rails: Mastering Modern Payments: Using Stripe with Rails.

How much is this?

Glad you asked! Stripe Audit costs $749. I'll spend about half a day examining your code and assembling a report with all of the information you need to be confident in your Stripe system. You'll also get a complimentary copy of Mastering Modern Payments.

Apply today

There are a limited number of slots available for Stripe Audit every month. If this sounds interesting, apply here. I'll follow up with a few questions about your application and then we can get started.

Have more questions? Great! I would love to hear from you. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks so much for reading!

--Pete Keen