Mail Rep - Boost Your Email

"All of your email ends up in my spam folder."

If you run a business on the internet, your heart just dropped. When customers can't trust your email, they can't trust you. And when they can't trust you, they won't buy your service.

There are bad senders out there. Shady people. Phishers. Spammers. You don't care about the huge stack of technologies that have built up over the last 40 years to combat them. RBL, SPF, DMARC, DKIM, all of these are just alphabet soup. All you care about is: are your emails reaching inboxes?

Implementing email deliverability boosters is extremely important for your business. In fact, many large businesses dedicate entire full time jobs to managing email deliverability. With a correct deliverability setup, you'll see instant benefits:

  • Better deliverability, meaning more of your email will hit the inbox instead of the spam folder.

  • Automatic image display, giving you better stats and better-looking emails.

  • No more "via" tag on your From address, further building your credibility.

  • Most importantly, higher repuation with big email providers like GMail and Yahoo.

All of these benefits lead to higher deliverabiltiy and more click throughs, which directly translates into the most important thing: more cash for your business.

How's this work?

Mail Rep is a one-time service that complements your existing email senders. We'll take a look at your senders, install some analytics, and recommend DNS changes to boost your deliverability. It consists of four simple steps:

  1. Information Gathering - When you buy the service, you'll tell me everything you know about your email senders. Transactional, newsletters, marketing email, etc. Don't worry if you miss some, we'll refine the list over time.

  2. Setup - I'll prepare email deliverability records for you or your IT team to install on your DNS servers. I'll also do a quick blacklist audit for any of your self-hosted servers.

  3. Verification - After installing the records I'll collect data for a week and then suggest revisions to your deliverability records.

  4. Refinement - We'll go through one more round of data collection and revisions, just to catch all the stragglers.

Who is this for?

Mail Rep is for you if you rely on email to put a roof over your and your employees' heads. Better email deliverability means more email hitting inboxes which directly leads to more revenue.

What DNS services does Mail Rep work with?

Mail Rep works with any DNS service. When we start the process I'll share a spreadsheet with you that has all of the DNS records for you to install and I'll update the spreadsheet as we refine the records every week.

How much will I need to be involved?

After you fill out and return the intake form I take over and manage the whole process for you. Every week I'll send you an email with fresh stats and possibly some questions about unknown email senders. I may also ask you to go to your email senders' website's and fill out some forms. Responding to those questions and filling out the forms promptly is critical to moving forward with the Mail Rep process and refining your deliverability records.

What about Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Marketo, HubSpot...?

Mail Rep works along side your existing mail delivery services to make sure everything is configured correctly. Your emails still leave from from your existing services to reach your customers' inboxes.

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Pete Keen, a software developer and email deliverability guru from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've been helping people get their email deliverability woes straightened out for years.

How much does this cost?

Glad you asked! Mail Rep is a one-time purchase of $500.

Once you've filled out the intake form I'll spend as much time as it takes setting up your initial deliverability records, we'll collect data for a week, and then I'll crunch all of that down into refinements and questions about senders you might have missed. We'll refine your setup one more time and make it just right.

Boost your email deliverability with Mail Rep. Move the needle for your business.

Still have questions? Totally understandable. Email me at and let's chat. Or you can hit me up on Twitter @zrail.