The Big List of Stripe Resources

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Stripe's GitHub Projects
All of Stripe's officially supported libraries are open source.
Koudoku is a project that aims to provide robust subscription billing support for Rails.
Rails Stripe Membership SaaS
A comprehensive example of a Stripe membership integration
Stripe webhook integration for Rails applications
Test Stripe webhooks locally
A Rails engine for integrating with Stripe. Covers plans, coupons, configs, and webhooks.
Monospace Rails
Stripe's official Rails example application
Shopify Card Icons
A great set of 32 credit card icons in various sizes of PNG
Stripe Auto Paginate
Automatic pagination for fetching records using Stripe's Ruby API
A fast, Heroku-ready endpoint to record webhooks and ease visualizing the sequence of events, the exact payload, etc. Built on Node and MongoDB.


Official Stripe Docs
The official Stripe docs are detailed, well organized, and great for answering specific questions.
Mastering Modern Payments: Using Stripe with Rails
116 page ebook packed with helpful tips and best practices for building your Stripe integration.
Working with Stripe Payouts
A short article about integrating Stripe Recipients and Transfers into your Rails app.
PCI Data Security Standards
The official source for all things PCI
Developer's Guide to PCI Compliant Web Applications
Ken Cocchrane's guide to building PCI compliant applications. There's some good notes about Stripe in there.
Stripe's PCI Compliance Guide
Stripe's official stance on PCI compliance: use SSL, use `stripe.js`. If you do unusual things with the API you'll have to do answer some questions in the management interface.
Stripe Email Receipts
Stripe offers simple Email receipts that you can just turn on in your account.
Multiple Subscriptions
Stripe just recently enabled support for adding multiple subscriptions.
Stripe Audit
Code, architecture, and security review for the most important part of your business
A Journey in Payment World
A five part blog post series about using Stripe from a European perspective. Part 1 is above, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4, Part 5 to be published soon.

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